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with real people to answer ALL
your internet questions, not just the
80% "Frequently Asked Questions."
email accounts: no hype, no ads, no monitoring for target
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"On the street where you live."   Your name(or house number)@Name.St
You can have an email address that matches your snail mail address:
If your snail mail goes to 5225 Seventh St., for as little as $15.00
per year you can have a matching webmail account, 5225@Seventh.St
Sample internet (highway) "Street" webmail accounts are available @:

1st.St London.St Backalley.St
2nd.St Second.St Broad.St
3rd.St Third.St National.St
4th.St Fourth.St Park.St
5th.St Front.St Tenth.St
6th.St Sixth.St Union.St  
7th.St Seventh.St University.St
direction variants: South.Union.St, et cetera
Brown.St Jones.St Williams.St
Christian.St Emmaus.St Rancho.Via.St
geo-location: StPaul.MN or St.Paul.MN
fe.st, ... var: SONG.FE.ST
Colorado.ST intellport.com (pending)
California.St Ohio.St iteleport.com (on hold)
acronyms: WN.ST, World Net.Security Team
... & more